AT&T Universal Card Login, Payment & Customer Service

In this article, we will talk about AT&T Universal Card online account access, Bill Payment Methods, benefits, payment address, customer service and other important details. AT&T Universal credit card is issued by Citibank, which is one of the largest banks in the USA. It is now rebranded as an AT&T Access card.

There are many ways to complete AT&T universal card bill payments and all of them will be discussed here. AT&T Universal card customer service is considered to be quite good by its users. I will also be talking about rewards and offers that the users will be getting after using the Citi att universal card for shopping and purchasing things online and offline.

For your information, the AT&T Universal card is now a Citi AT&T Access Credit Card. There are two types of card issues by AT&T Universal: Personal and Business. Both the AT&T universal card type offers different usage and rewards systems.

AT&T Universal Card TypeCredit Card NameConsumers
Personal CardUniversal Savings Platinum | Universal Savings & RewardsFor Individuals
Business CardSingle VariantFor Businessmen
AT&T Acess Card From Citi

AT&T Universal Credit Card Details

Credit Card NameAT&T Universal Card
Alternate NameCiti AT&T Access Card
Issued & Managed ByCitibank And At&T
Credit Card Online Dashboard Access Website
AT&T Official Website
Annual FeeZero
Application FeeZero
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)13.99% to 22.99%
BenefitsEarn ThankYou Points

AT&T Universal Credit Card Login Steps For Online Access

Before directly logging into the AT&T Universal card online dashboard, you have to first activate your card and then register yourself for online access. After getting online access, you are provided with a User ID and Password. Now, follow the steps below to log in to the universal card online account access:

  1. Visit AT&T access card login URL:
  2. Enter your Citi User ID and Password.
  3. Click on the “Sign On” button.
  4. You will be logged into your att universal card account dashboard.
  5. You can also click on the “Sign On Citi Mobile App” option to skip entering your ID & password.
  6. To skip login every time, tick this option: Remember my User ID.
  7. After signing in, you can manage your AT&T access credit card online.
  8. In the end, make sure you get logged out of the universal card online dashboard.

The login steps for at&t access card is same as the universal card. It is so because the att universal card gets redirected to Citibank website and the card has been renamed to access card. Don’t get confused here.

How To Retrieve/Recover Forgotten Universal Card User ID:

  1. Click on this Link: Forgot User ID
  2. Select this option: Bank and/or Credit Card Customers.
  3. Enter your universal credit card number.
  4. Tap on the “Continue” button.
  5. Proceed ahead with further instructions.
  6. In the end, you will get your user ID.

How To Reset/Change Universal Card Login Password:

  1. Go to this URL: Forget Password
  2. Choose this: Bank and/or Credit Card Customers.
  3. Enter your AT&T universal card number.
  4. Click on the “Continue” option.
  5. Move ahead with the further steps.
  6. In the end, once the verification is completed, enter the new password.
  7. Submit the password change request successfully.
  8. Done.

AT&T Universal Card Payment Methods

There are many ways to pay your universal card bill, including online, by phone call, by sending mail to the payment address and by using the Citibank mobile app. Let’s see all the methods below.

AT&T Universal Card Pay Bill Online:

  1. Go to this bill payment link:
  2. Enter your att universal card user ID and password.
  3. Tap on the “Sign On” option.
  4. Navigate to the at&t universal Credit Card Payment section.
  5. You can now see your card pending due amount, statements, etc.
  6. Complete the payment to pay the bill online.

AT&T Universal Card Bill Pay By Phone Call:

  1. Launch your phone’s dialler app.
  2. Dial this at&t universal card payment number: 1 877 288 4577.
  3. Make a call to the above att credit card payment phone number.
  4. Provide your card details.
  5. Know your due billing amount and complete the payment.
AT&T Universal Card Payment Phone Number 1 877 288 4577
AT&T Credit Card Payment Number

How To Pay AT&T Universal Credit Card Bill By Mail Address

Pay the universal card bill by sending the payment (Cash or Cheque) to the universal card bill payment address given below. Also, make sure to attach your account details in the mail.

AT&T Universal Card Payment AddressAT&T Universal Card, P.O. Box 183037, Colombus, OH 43218-3037.
AT&T Credit Card Payment Mailing Address

AT&T Credit Card Bill Pay Without Logging In (Direct Pay)

  1. Go to this universal card fast pay Link:
  2. Enter your universal card account number.
  3. Fill in the correct billing ZIP Code.
  4. Hit the “Continue” button.
  5. Complete the due bill payment.
  6. You have successfully paid your universal card bill amount without signing in.
  7. Done.

Pay AT&T Access Card Bill By Citibank Mobile App:

  1. Download and install the Citibank USA official mobile app.
  2. Log in to the app via user ID and password.
  3. Move to the “Credit Cards” section.
  4. Check for the Payment or Bill Pay option & click on it.
  5. See your att universal credit card pending bill amount.
  6. Complete the payment through your Citi savings or current account.
  7. Finally, your ATT access card bill is paid.

How To Apply For New AT&T Universal Card Online

  1. Visit the universal card application link:
  2. Click on the “Apply Now” blue colour box.
  3. The att universal card application page gets loaded.
  4. You can now see the att access card’s features & benefits.
  5. Scroll down to the “Tell Us About Yourself” section.
  6. Enter personal information like full name, address, phone number, email ID, DOB, social security number, etc.
  7. Fill in your financial information.
  8. Confirm that you are an existing AT&T user or not.
  9. Accept the terms and conditions.
  10. Finally, click on the “Agree & Submit” button.
  11. Complete the further proceedings as directed to fully apply for the att universal card.

Check for the email and SMS after applying for the att universal card online via Citibank website. The card approval or rejection status will be sent the email address you provided during the Citi AT&T Access card application.

AT&T Universal Card Fees & Pricing Details

The at&t universal card application and the annual fee are zero. The transaction fees depend on the type of transaction you are doing using the Citi Access card. There is also a penalty fee if you are late in paying the pending bill amount. All the rates and fees are given in the table below:

AT&T Credit Card ServicesAT&T Universal Card Fees & Charges
Annual FeeZero
Application FeeNone
Balance Transfer Transaction Fees5$ or 5% of the amount transferred (whichever is greater)
Cash Advance Transaction Fees10$ or 5% of the amount transferred (whichever is greater)
Foreign Purchase Transaction Charges3% Of Each Txn in US Dollars
AT&T Universal Card Penalty FeesLate Payment OR Returned Payment (Up To 40$)
APR 13.99% to 22.99% (Based on creditworthiness)
APR For Balance Transfers13.99% to 22.99%
APR For Cash Advances25.24%
APR For Citi Flex Plan13.99% to 22.99% (Based on creditworthiness)
Penalty APRUp to 29.99%
Minimum Interest ChargesMinimum 50 Cents
AT&T Universal Credit Card Fees & Charges

Benefits Of AT&T Universal Credit Card:

  • The credit card is issued by one of the biggest banks i.e. Citi.
  • There are no annual fees for it.
  • Earn 2X ThankYou Points At Eligible Retail and Travel Sites.
  • Purchase products and services from AT&T and earn 2X points.
  • Eran 1X points on all other purchases using the at&t universal card.
  • Instantly redeem your earned points in the form of rewards like gift cards, travel vouchers, etc.
  • There is a 0$ liability for unauthorized charges.
  • Get exclusive offers on Citi Entertainment.
  • You get conveniences like digital wallets, choosing your due date & contactless pay.
  • The AT&T Access Card is a feature-packed credit card run by Citibank.

How To Register For AT&T Universal Card Online Access

  1. Visit this URL:
  2. Move to the Sign On box.
  3. Click on the option “Register for online access”.
  4. Select the Credit/Debit Card Number option.
  5. Enter your 16-digit AT&T universal credit card number.
  6. You can also select any of the other two options: Bank Account Number OR Paycheck Protection Program Loan Account Number.
  7. Tap on the “Continue Set Up” option.
  8. Enter your personal information in the Verification tab.
  9. Click on the “Continue” button after filling in all the required details.
  10. Now, set up your User ID and password for universal credit card online access.
  11. Click on the Sign-Up OR Register option.
  12. Finally, all your entered information will be verified by the company, and when the verification is completed, you will receive an email confirmation.

It is compulsory for att acess card users to register for online access to get their att universal card login user id and password. Without online registering, you can’t access the online credit card dashboard for managing your account.

AT&T Universal Card Customer Service

The at&t universal card customer service number is 1 800 423 4343, get your at&t credit card issue resolved as soon as possible. The average waiting time for the call to connect to a live agent is around 5 minutes, so be patient.

AT&T Universal Card SupportAT&T Universal Card Service Phone Numbers
Customer Service Number 1 800 423 4343
TTY/TDD1 800 367 8997
Customer Care Support Working Hours24 Hours & 7 Days
Business Cards1 866 422 3091 | 1 877 288 4577
Business Cards TTY1 800 325 2865
If Lost/Stolen1 800 950 5114 | 1 877 288 4577
If Lost/Stolen TTY1 800 325 2865
Technical Assistance Support Number1 866 422 3091
Internet Security Contact Number1 888 285 9696
AT&T Universal Card Customer Service Email IDEmail Address Not Provided
AT&T Access Card Live Chat LinkLive Chat
AT&T Universal Card Customer Care Numbers

AT&T Universal Card Customer Support Opening & Closing Hours

DaysHours Of Duration
Monday9:30 AM To 5:30 PM
Tuesday9:30 AM To 5:30 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM To 5:30 PM
Thursday9:30 AM To 5:30 PM
Friday9:30 AM To 5:30 PM
Saturday9:30 AM To 5:30 PM
AT&T Universal Card Helpdesk Support Center Working Hours

AT&T Credit Card Opening Hours in Easter Timing (ET)

Monday To Thursday8:00 ET To 11:00 ET
Friday8:00 ET To 9:00ET
Saturday8:00 ET To 8:00 ET
Sunday9:00 ET To 8:00 ET
AT&T Access Credit Card Working Hours

AT&T Access Credit Card Registrant Details:

Registrant NameDomain Administration
Registrant CityNew York
Street Address390 Greenwich Street
StateNew York
Pin Code10013
Phone Number+1.7182480307
FAX Number+1.4692209949
Email ID[email protected]
AT&T Universal Card Registrant Details

AT&T universal card login steps are easy to follow and the AT&T access card customer service number is there for you anytime and any day. The AT&T universal card payment methods are through phone calls, online, mailing addresses, direct pay and using the Citi mobile banking app.

So there is no need to worry if you have any other questions or problems with your login. The experts at the AT&T universal card customer service phone number will be more than happy to help you out. AT&T has designed a card that can be used for both credit and debit transactions. In case, you are facing any issues regarding the Citi AT&T Access Card, comment below.

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How can I activate my AT&T universal card?

To activate your AT&T Universal credit card, visit this link and enter your card number. After entering the card number, hit the Continue option and follow the further instructions.

What is the minimum credit card score for the AT&T Universal card?

The minimum credit card score for applying new at&t universal credit card is 750 or above. Make sure that you have fulfilled these criteria before applying.

How can I redeem my Universal card points?

You can easily redeem your Universal Card ThankYou Points by following two methods. The first one is an online method, you have to visit and redeem your earned points. The second way to redeem your points is by calling this number 1 800 842 6596.

What are ThankYou Points?

ThankYou Points are rewards given for using at&t universal credit cards for online and offline purchasing.

What is an at&t Access Card from Citi?

AT&T Access Card is a credit card issued by Citibank launched specially for at&t users. You get ThankYou points for using your Citi Access credit card.

Is the Citi AT&T Access card is same as the Universal Card?

The company has discontinued the universal card official website and has redirected it to the Citibank website. If you search for the ATT universal card, you will find the AT&T Access Card appearing at the top.

How can I live chat with an at&t universal card customer service agent?

To live chat with an att universal credit card customer care executive, visit this link and click on “Sign On to Message Us”. Now, log in via your att user ID and password to start live chatting. You can also use the Citi Mobile banking app to chat.

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