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In this blog post, you will find complete information about Ford Credit Card Login Procedure, Pay Bills, Manage Credit Account Online, Payment Methods, Ford Service Credit Card Review, Customer Service Contact Details and many more. We already know that Ford is an American Automobile Manufacturing Company founded by Henry Ford in the year 1903. The headquarters is located in Dearborn, Michigan. The company makes luxurious, standard, trucks vans, and other car models.

Ford has now started to provide its services through credit cards to its users. If you own a Ford Service credit card then you do not need to carry any other debit or credit card to Ford retailers for using any service at Ford. Ford Service Credit Card covers all the Ford vehicle maintenance charges & fees.

The payment option is flexible and allows its customers to pay for the repair and maintenance as well as parts purchased at Ford. You can easily contact the Ford Customer Service through the Ford Credit Payment Phone Number, but, before that learn how to log into the Ford Credit Account Manager.

Logging into your Ford Service credit card account gives you access to many services like contacting the Ford service centre for any queries, paying Ford Service credit card bills, seeing your card payment due, usage statements, getting exciting offers, etc.

List Of Services That Ford Credit Card Covers:

Ford provides many services via its credit card. Ford credit card covers all your vehicle’s maintenance costs and extra charges. Here are the lists of services which Ford Service Credit Card offers to its customers:

  • Vehicle tires of different car models.
  • Auto Repair Deduction.
  • Automobile Accessories.
  • Extension/Increment of service plans.
  • Loaner Vehicles.
  • Leased vehicles.
  • Foreign or Domestic Spare Parts.

Ford Credit Card Login Steps Online

To avail of services like Paying Ford Credit Card Bills Online, raising queries, contacting Ford Customer Care Support Center, booking or purchasing products online, etc, you need to log into your Ford service credit card account. Just follow the steps mentioned below to log in to your Ford service credit card account.

  1. Visit Ford Credit Card Portal:
  2. Click on the ”Sign In” button.
  3. Enter your Email or Username.
  4. Enter the login password & hit the “Sign In” option.
  5. Done, You will be successfully logged into your Ford Service Credit Card account.

After logging in to the Ford Online Dashboard, you can check your credit card bills, statements, redeem offers and points, instantly pay your bill, set automatic payments, etc. Do note that if you are a new user then you need to register yourself to enjoy online access to the ford account manager.

How To Retrieve Your Forgotten Ford Credit Card Username

If you have forgotten your Ford Service Credit Card Login Username then follow the steps listed below to retrieve your lost User ID in just a few minutes:

  1. Go to the user name recover link:
  2. Enter your Ford Credit Card Account Number.
  3. Type the last 4-digits of your SSN/ TAX ID.
  4. Fill in your last name or business name.
  5. Hit the ”Retrieve Username” button.
  6. Complete your Identity verification process as required.
  7. At the end, your username will be sent to your registered email id.

How To Change/Reset Ford Credit Account Login Password:

  1. Go to the Ford Credit Account Manager website.
  2. Tap on the “Sign In” option.
  3. Click on the “Forgot Password” option.
  4. The Ford Password reset page will be opened up.
  5. Enter your Ford credit account email address or username.
  6. Click on the “Request Email” option.
  7. You will receive a password change link mail.
  8. Now, open your mail inbox and click on that link.
  9. Enter the new password twice.
  10. Finally, submit your password reset confirmation.

Ford Credit Card Payment Methods

There are many ways to pay your Ford Credit bill including online, by phone call, sending payment to the mail address, wire transfer and payroll deduction. All of these Ford credit payment methods will be explained below.

How To Make Ford Credit Payment Online:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap on the Sign In button.
  3. Enter your Ford credit login username & password.
  4. Click on the Sign In option again.
  5. Move to the “Payments” tab.
  6. Click on “Make a Payment”.
  7. Select the payment method & pay the bill.

Ford Credit Card Payment By Phone Call

You can dial an automated voice call recording service telephone number and make your Ford credit bill payment. Follow the steps below to make your ford credit bill payment by calling a phone number:

  1. Launch the dialler app.
  2. Dial Ford Credit Payment Phone Number: 1 800 334 1161.
  3. Make a call on the above-typed number.
  4. Enter the last four digits of your SSN/TIN.
  5. Provide your bank account & routing numbers.
  6. Confirm your payment amount and due date.
  7. Finally, make the payment when asked.
Ford Credit Card Payment Phone Number 1-800-334-1161
Ford Credit Card Payment Number

Ford Credit Pay Bill By Mailing Address

You can also pay your Ford credit card pending bill by sending the payment check to the Ford credit payment address provided in the invoice or statement. In case of no invoice or bill, sign into the Ford Credit online dashboard and check your previous statements for the payment mail address. I have provided all the ford credit mail addresses in the tables below:

Type Of CustomersFord Credit Card Payment Address
Users With StatementsSend The Payment Amount Along With The Bill To The Address Given In The Statements.
Users Without Statements Ford Motor Credit Company, PO BOX 650575, Dallas, TX 75265-0575
Combined And TRAC Credit Card Users Ford Motor Credit Company, PO BOX 650573, Dallas, TX 75265-0573
Ford Service Credit Card Payment Address

How To Pay Ford Credit Bill By Mail:

  1. Get your payment check and invoice.
  2. Send the check and bill to the mail address provided above.
  3. Wait for the company to receive your mail & process the payment.
  4. You can check your payment status either online or through customer service.
  5. You might also receive an SMS regarding the successful bill payment.

Ford Credit Card Pay My Bill Via Wire Transfer

  1. You can either go to MoneyGram or Western Union.
  2. MoneyGram users need to ask for an Express Payment Form.
  3. Western Union users have to ask for the Quick Collect Form.
  4. Fill out the payment form correctly.
  5. Submit the filled form to the agent.
  6. Your Ford Service Credit payment will be done by Wire Transfer.

The Details Needed To Fill In The Wire-Transfer Payment Form:

MoneyGramPayee:- Ford Motor Credit Company
Receive Code:- 2074
Ford Credit Account Number
Western Union Ford Service Credit Account Number
Payee:- Ford Motor Credit Company
Choose Urgent Delivery Method
Pay Ford Credit Card Bill By Wire Transfer

Ford Service Credit Card Bill Payment Via Payroll Deduction

Active or retired employees of the Ford company can avail themselves of the payroll deduction facility and pay their Ford credit bill deducted from their payroll. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to pay your Ford credit bill. To enable this payment method, you need to fill out the payroll enrollment form or contact the customer service support centre.

In addition to all the above payment methods, you are also allowed to combine all your billing in one bill i.e. consolidated monthly billing. This service is for those users who have one or more vehicle accounts. To combine all your invoices for different vehicles. you can either fill out the enrollment form and send it to the required address or FAX Number.

Ford Credit Card Customer Service

The Ford Credit Customer Service number is 1-800-727-7000. This Ford customer care phone number runs from Monday to Friday (8: 00 AM To 11:00 PM EST) & on Saturday (8:00 AM To 8:00 PM EST).

Reaching Ford Service representatives through calling mode is the most convenient way according to many users because it hardly requires any effort and time. Just dial the following toll-free numbers to get a solution to your queries and also get your due bills paid.

Types Of Ford ServicesDetails
Ford Credit Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-727-7000
Ford Customer Support Number800-392-3673
Ford Mail AddressFord Motor Company, Customer Relationship Center, P.O. BOX 6248 Dearborn, MI 48126
Ford Customer Support Calling hoursMonday To Friday (8: 00 AM To 11:00 PM EST) & Saturday (8:00 AM To 8:00 PM EST)
Ford Customer Care Email ID
Ford Credit Card Official Website
Ford Motor Official Website

Ford Support Phone Numbers

Ford United States(800)392-3673(Mon-Fri 8:00 AM -11:00 PM EST) | Saturday (8:00 AM To 8:00 PM EST)
Ford Credit Customer Support(800)727-7000(8: 00 AM To 11:00 PM EST) & Saturday (8:00 AM To 8:00 PM EST)
Ford Roadside Assistance(800)241-367324*7 Available / 365
Lincoln Concierge United States(800)521-4140 24*7 Available / 365
Lincoln Rewards Customer Care Center833-385-0520(Mon-Fri 9:00 AM To 8:00 PM EST) | (Saturday 9:00 AM To 5:30 PM EST)
Ford Pass Rewards Customer Care Center833-385-0516(Mon-Fri 9:00 AM To 8:00 PM EST) | (Saturday 9:00 AM To 5:30 PM EST)
Ford Customer Care Support Numbers

Ford Service Mailing Address

Ford Motor Company Address :
Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48126
Ford Service Credit :
Ford Credit
P.O. Box 542000
Omaha, NE 68154

Ford Social Media Links

Ford Service Social Media Websites

How To Register For Ford Service Credit Online Access

You have to first register yourself on the official website of Ford Credit named Account Manager. After registration, you will receive your user ID and password for login access on the credit card online portal. Follow the steps below to register your Ford Credit Card:

  1. Go To the Ford Account Manager portal.
  2. Click on the “Register” option.
  3. Enter your email address and hit the Request Email option.
  4. Open the received mail and click on the verification link.
  5. After email ID verification, you will be asked to enter a password.
  6. Enter the password and submit it.
  7. Done.

Benefits Of Ford Service Credit Card

We have already discussed the services that are covered by the Ford Service Card. Let’s know more benefits of having a Ford Service Card.

  • Cardholders have less burden of payments as monthly instalments are not much.
  • You don’t have to pay any extra amount if you clear the days within 6 months.
  • This card allows its holders to make selections in different credit limits according to their needs.
  • Many exciting offers come with the Ford Service Card matter you are a new client or old. Customers get many rebates and incentive offers.
  • Short and long-term financing schemes are available where in the short term customers have 6 months of financing on a purchase of $199 or more and in the long term customers get 12 months period of special financing on a purchase of $499 or more.
  • buy parts and accessories with your Ford Service card and get cashback.
  • You can also extend service plans.

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What is the minimum credit score required to apply for a Ford Service Credit Card?

The minimum credit card score required for applying for a Ford service Card is 650 or above. Check your credit score before applying to avoid unnecessary rejection due to a low score.

What is the APR for Ford Credit Card?

The variable purchase APR for Ford Service Credit Cards is 28.49%. Go through the official documentation to get more details on the charges.

What is the Interest charge of the Ford Service card?

The minimum interest charge for the Ford service card is $2. It may also go higher depending on the usage.

Can I buy a car at Ford from a Ford Service card?

No, You cannot buy a car from this card, this card is only for Ford vehicle maintenance, spare parts, and accessories on finance only from the Ford company.

Can we repair our car with Ford’s Service Credit Card?

Yes, you can easily repair your car, and buy tires, car interior and exterior parts from Ford Retailers with the help of a Ford service Credit card.

What is the Ford Service Card late fee?

Ford company can charge up to $39 if you are late in paying your credit card bills. So, pay the bill on time to avoid a late fee.

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